At P.J. Bowers, we specialize in Neolon FOAM Stickyback products and CNC machining for expansion joint construction, building and retail markets.

FOAM- We have a large range of closed cell PE and EVA foam products of exceptional quality, cut and shaped to your specifications.

Construction foam, STICKYBACK™Adhesive Expansion Joint, STICKYBACK™Adhesive Bridge Foam, STICKBACK™Adhesive Insulation Foam and Pipe Lagging are available in stock ready for shipping to all states in Australia.

Boating and Marine Industries which include Buoyancy fill foam to Australian standards

Marina jetty fenders, boat fenders non marking design will not deflate,

STICKYBACK™Adhesive Sound and Heat Insulation for the under side hatch covers and engine rooms walls and doors.

CNC - Manufactured to order and quality guaranteed, P.J. Bowers CNC cutting service is available to cut most materials.







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Stickyback foamConstruction Products

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CNC cuttingCNC Machining and Manufacturing

3D & 2D CNC Machining, Cutting of Aluminum, Timbers, Plastics, Open and close cell foams view here

buoyancy foamBoating and Marine

Boat Fenders, Jetty Fenders view here

Leisure ProductsSports and Leisure

Camping & Exercise accessories, pool toys, sport & leisure products view here

Insulation FoamInsulation Products

NRP & NSL Insulation foam stickyback adhesive
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